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We are providing translation services in more than 150languages .We are accredited and our translations are recognized by Ministries.Read More


We provide professional interpreting services for a variety of situations – from conference interpreting to face-to-face interpreting for business meetings. Read More

Conference Organization

Simultaneous interpreting, also known as conference interpreting, is the process of instantaneously listening to, comprehending, and translating the speaker’s statements into another language. Read More


We offers you a professional transcription service, using the most common physical or digital media, in French, English, Arabic, or any other language.. Transcription

Voice Over

Being dynamic and sharp, the videos capture the interest of your audiences and let your organization appear in the professional world ..Read More


Are you looking flawless? Have your texts reviewed by our linguists! Our linguists are at your disposal to review your different texts.Read More

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AFFESTRADUCTION is a professional translation and interpretation agency in Tunisia.

AFFESTRADUCTION is one of the fastest growing providers of translation and interpreting services in Tunisia, which allows us to work only with the most talented and experienced linguists, translators and interpreters from around Tunisia.

AFFESTRADUCTION can provide interpreters in English, French, Arabic, Berber, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian… and for all purposes. AFFESTRADUCTION provides interpretation booths , interpreter consoles, mixer, transmission system, headsets  and microphones for interpreters and for participants.

AFFESTRADUCTION , a translation and Interpreting Agency operating out of Sfax & Tunis  (Tunisia), with its   backbone of experience working alongside international entities, organizes press conferences, training sessions and  seminars  in Tunisia’s most prestigious hotels in entirely re-adjustable spaces flawlessly fitted out with AFFESTRADUCTIONsimultaneous translation facilities.

Backed by its wide experience in the organization of seminars AFFESTRADUCTION offers a great variety of venues for the organization of conferences and meetings.

In accordance with your prerequisites we offer a selection of meeting spaces provided or not with fixed interpreter booths adapted to each type of event.

Mr. Affes Bilel, owner of AFFESTRADUCTION is a professional English French Arabic conference interpreter operating all over Tunisia, Europe, UK & USA.

Rental of portable interpreting equipment in Tunisia

The portable interpreting kit is the ideal solution for small committee meetings. For small meetings we have an offer an interpretation kit. This system consists of a microphone into which the interpreter whispers the translations, and 20 headsets.

Rental of mobile booths in Tunisia
If your meeting room has no interpreter booths do you need simultaneous interpreting for the attendees?

Nothing to fret about, AFFESTRADUCTION takes care of everything!

Inform us of the number of working languages and participants, we will take care of the logistics for simultaneous translation of your meeting.

Our soundproof booths can be set up in the twinkling of an eye so long as the space is easy to access.
Our professional technicians will lend a helping hand during the entire course of the event.
Everything they need to do is planned the day before.