Interpreting Services in Tunisia

We provide professional interpreting services for a variety of situations – from conference interpreting to face-to-face interpreting for business meetings.
We’re proud to have our roots in interpreting – our founder, AFFES BILEL, is an interpreter by trade and is a passionate linguist.
Our customers are very satisfied with our interpreting services and we are trusted by Governmental organizations as well as by NGOs.

Conference Interpreting Services

Professional simultaneous conference interpreting services ensure that language barriers do not impede a meaningful discussion.
We have over 9 years of experience in the conference interpreting industry. This extensive knowledge allows us to provide highly experienced interpreters at major international conferences, meetings, seminars and trade or parliamentary missions worldwide.
The method of interpreting used at this level varies according to the type and requirements of the event which is why we offer simultaneous, consecutive and whispered conference interpreting services.

We only recruit from a select pool of highly qualified and experienced conference interpreters and our management team and support staff consist of trained individuals with many years of experience in the process of selecting the most appropriate interpreters for your event.

Simultaneous Interpreting  Services & Equipment 

Simultaneous interpreting, also known as conference interpreting, is the process of instantaneously listening to, comprehending, and translating the speaker’s statements into another language. This method of interpreting is generally (but not exclusively) used in large-scale conferences.
We can also provide simultaneous interpreting equipment for group settings, meetings or and international conferences to ensure that your delegates receive the interpretation real-time and never miss a thing.
In addition to arranging simultaneous interpretation services, we can translate keynote addresses, programs and brochures for conference kits or websites.

Our Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment


we provide Audipack Silent 9300 is a modular, easy to mount interpreter booth for 2 persons, but can be extended for up to 4 persons, using the optional extension sets. 1 or 2 persons can easily build the booth with the included hex key. The Silent 9300 complies with the ISO 4043 norm for mobile interpreter booths and is equipped with table and 2 cable ducts. Its standard colour is light grey, Audipack code 871, other colours are available on demand.

Headsets : 
we provide professional , high quality and well maintained Sennheizer and Brahler headsets for the participants either equipped with receivers or wireless . Each participant can change the channel  to choose his preferred listening language.

SL Interpreter / Interpreters console 
The SL Interpreter perfectly completes either the Tourguide 2020 or the Tourguide 1039 portfolio to create a compact, quick to install and easy to use interpretation setup for presentation-style conferences or events alike. We are using sennheizer and Brahler SL .

We provide microphones for all the participant according to your order with extra microphones as back up if any technical problem arise .
In addition to desk microphones we provide wireless and roaming microphones as required by the client.

PA System : 

Pro Acoustics installed and portable communication solutions deliver consistent high-performance voice conferencing for nearly any type of room. Enjoy exceptional audio quality from simple communication systems to more sophisticated solutions with voice conferencing, wireless infrared communications and any number of chairman and delegate stations.
Tourguide simultaneous interpreting system

The digital Tourguide 2020-D doesn’t require special technical knowledge. Its intelligent technology ensures absolutely simple handling. The system is quickly set-up for operation, receiver channels can be synchronized at the push of a button while still in the charging bay. The whole system is designed for ease of use. The HDE stethoset combines receiver and headphones in one device. It switches on automatically when put on, immediately ready to operate. That’s as simple and intuitive as it gets.

Technician :

Our trained technician will set up all equipment before the conference and remain on-site throughout to ensure a professional and productive event for all attendees.

Face-to-Face  Interpreting Services

Face-to-face interpreting services are essential for smooth communication in a number of different settings in both the Public and Private Sectors.

Our Interpreters

Our interpreters are specialists in their fields, with the ability to interpret simultaneously at large multilingual events or, smaller business meetings for a number of different sectors.
During our recruitment process, we check that interpreters have achieved an advanced qualification and at least 5 years of specific experience to ensure the quality of their work.

Our Interpreter Promise:

  • Qualified, Accredited & Experienced
  • Available 24/7
  • Professional & Reliable
  • Bound by Confidentiality Agreements
  • Locally Based

Consecutive Interpreting Services

During Consecutive Interpreting the speaker stops every 1–5 minutes (usually at the end of every “paragraph” or complete thought) and the interpreter then steps in to render what was said into the target language. A key skill involved in consecutive interpreting is note-taking, since few people can memorize a full paragraph in one hearing without loss of detail. This method is widely used in closed meetings , small conferences or training sessions that include less than 20 participants.


Over-the-phone Interpreting Services:

Telephone interpreting is an essential service for achieving smooth communication in a number of different settings within both the Public and Private Sectors.

We provide experienced and qualified telephone interpreters to clients for several different areas of service including:


  • Local Government
  • Legal
  • NHS
  • Financial
  • Justice (Prisons, Courts, & Police)
  • Housing Associations

Telephone interpreting is suitable as a communication aid in a number of scenarios, particularly for shorter, non-sensitive meetings involving only two people.

To access our telephone interpreting service, clients are provided with an access code and will need to follow the following steps:

  •  Dial our toll free phone number.
  •  Enter the access code.
  • Request the required language.

Wait to be connected to an interpreter.

Besides facilitating two-way communication, our dedicated call centre staff can also connect a three-way conversation for you. Contact us today to learn more about our telephone interpreting services.